Welcome to Dimitriou Fabrications. Dimitriou Fabrications is a leading manufacturer to the mining industry, providing a complete in-house service.

Our in-house facilities encompass all areas of material processing, material forming, fabrication, and CNC machining services. Dimitriou Fabrications have the enviable position to offer our clients’ industry best lead times, and lower costs, whilst maintaining Quality Accreditation to ISO9001:2008.

Dimitriou Fabrications are the preferred supplier to industry leading OEM’s for the manufacture of new machinery both for the local and export markets. With over 40 years experience, we have a proud reputation in our ability to provide clients with quality products that are proven in the marketplace.

Our Commitment

To provide our clients with the support they require thus ensuring their operations run efficiently and competitively. In doing so, Dimitriou Fabrications will continue to provide a complete in-house package whilst maintaining Quality Accreditation to ISO9001:2008.

To maintain a professional level of expertise and service to the industry and support our clients with modern up do date machinery.