Dimitriou Fabrications continue to offer their clients some of the largest capacity fabrication and machining services locally available. The manufacturing section of Dimitriou Fabrications is complemented by a fully equipped machine shop. The machining division of Dimitriou Fabrications incorporates everything from manual lathes to large capacity 5-Axis CNC machining equipment.

Existing clients are fully aware of the advantages gained in having both their fabrication and machining requirements met in-house. Dimitriou Fabrications have established a reputation of reliability, efficiency, cost effective operations and customer satisfaction. Clients choose Dimitriou Fabrications for commitment, capacity, and certainty.


Dimitriou Fabrications have invested heavily in modern CNC machinery to ensure our clients benefit from the very latest developments in machining processes. Our value added approach and one-stop shop philosophy has see a tremendous growth in this area of business. Our ability to support our fabrication services with complimentary machining capacity allows Dimitriou Fabrications to be seen as the preferred supplier to industry leading OEM’s.

CNC Vertical Machining Centre Capabilities

CNC Hartford 1020 VMC

X 1,000mm
Y 500mm
Z 450 mm
6,000 RPM

CNC Hartford 1020 VMC

X 1,000 mm
Y 500 mm
Z 450 mm
12,000 RPM

CNC Hartford HB-2150S Double Column VMC

X 2,000 mm
Y 1,500 mm
Z 700 mm
Capacity 7,000kg
40 Tool Magazine

CNC Hartford HB-3190S Double Column VMC

X 3,000mm
Y 2,000mm
Z 1,000mm
Capacity 9,000kg
42 Tool Magazine

CNC Hartford 1600 VMC

X 1,500mm
Y 780mm
Z 400mm
20 Tool Magazine

CNC Hartford 2100 SP VMC

X 2,100mm
Y 1,000mm
Z 820mm
20 Tool Magazine


Dimitriou Fabrications continue to support clients by ensuring continued investment in large capacity CNC machining. Our ability to meet the growing requirements of the mining industry has allowed our clients free range in designing larger capacity equipment themselves. Recently, Dimitriou Fabrications have taken delivery of a brand new 15 Tonne capacity, 5-Axis CNC horizontal borer to ensure we could continue to support our clients in-house. 

CNC Horizontal Borer Capabilities:
Daewoo DB-130 CNC Horizontal Borer

X 3,000mm
Y 2,000mm
Z 1,600mm
Machining Capacity 15,000kg
5 – Axis CNC Machining
40 Tool Post Magazine


Precision and repetitious machining is performed effortlessly through our CNC Lathe. Direct importing of CAD/CAM files ensure pin point accuracy and quality in machining.

CNC Lathe Capabilities:
Daewoo PUMA 250 CNC Lathe
Swing 400mm Dia x 650mm B/C
3,500 RPM
12 Station Turret


Dimitriou Fabrications have in place one of the largest capacity Vertical Borers locally available. Used predominantly for gear manufacture and machining of large drum ends, our Vertical Borer has performed break down work for clients all over Australia.

Our double column machine is capable of turning almost 5 metres in diameter, and over 20 Tonne in weight. Utilising two heads our Vertical Borer effortlessly machines up to 5mm in a single pass.

Vertical Borer Capabilities:
SCHIESS Double Column Vertical Borer
Diameter 4,700mm
Height 1,740mm
Capacity 20,000kg


Dimitriou Fabrications are able to offer clients large capacity turning and milling machines. Our large Floor Borer is well suited for the machining of base plates and sole plates often used with new mining equipment infrastructure by OEM’s. Additionally, Dimitriou Fabrications have many years of experience with the repair and overhauls required on Continuos Miners and other Long Wall machinery.

Floor Borer Capabilities:
ASQUITH Horizontal Floor Borer
X 6,500mm
Y 3,500mm
Z 4,500mm
Capacity 20,000kg


Dimitriou Fabrications are able to perform all areas of machining with regards to heavy OEM equipment. Our machinists are experienced and qualified trades persons competant in all areas of precision machining. Conventional Horizontal Borers are well suited for the repair and refurbishment of various items ranging from cylinder and bucket repairs to line-boring new equipment such as booms and articulations.

Manual Horizontal Borer Capabilities:

Sinada SB-100 Horizontal Borer X 1,600 mm
Y 1,000 mm
Z 1,500 mm
Capacity 2,000kg

Sinada SB-110 Horizontal Borer
X 2,200 mm
Y 1,200 mm
Z 1,600 mm
Capacity 3,000kg

Sinada SB-100 Horizontal Borer
X 2,200 mm
Y 1,400 mm
Z 1,300 mm
Capacity 2,500kg

Sinada SB-110 Horizontal Borer
X 1,480 mm
Y 1,300 mm
Z 1,800 mm
Capacity 2,500kg

Toss 100 Horizontal Borer
X 1,200 mm
Y 1,000 mm
Z 1,500 mm
Capacity 2,000kg

Toss 80 Horizontal Borer
X 800 mm
Y 800 mm
Z 1,300 mm
Capacity 1,000kg


Our machine shop is well equipped with both CNC and conventional machines. Each have their benefits. Having the flexibility to operate as both a jobbing shop and production shop ensure clients benefit from the most efficient manufacturing process available.

Manual Lathe Capabilities:

Ryazan IM63-H Lathe
Swing 350mm Dia x 1,500mm B/C
Swing 650mm Dia x 300mm B/C

Potisje PA30 Lathe
Swing 410mm Dia x 3,000mm B/C
Swing 700mm Dia x 200mm B/C

Jessey Major MK0618 Lathe
Swing 350mm Dia x 1,500mm B/C
Swing 510mm Dia x 200mm B/C

Tuda 1600 Lathe
Swing 800mm Dia x 1,000mm B/C
Swing 1,600mm Dia x 300mm B/C
Capacity = 1,600kg


Supporting our machine shop is a myriad of various machines to assist in ensuring our processes are as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Miscellaneous Equipment:
Brobo Cold Saw
Radial Drills
Surface Grinders
CNC Band Saw
Geka Punch/Shear